Transparent solar panels

Generate energy aesthetically with fully translucent solar panels. Incorporate solar energy in windows, skylights and translucent canopies and combine sustainable power generation with large window areas.

Transparent solar modules for businesses

Do you want to incorporate solar panels in your business premises without compromising on appearance? Do you want to combine a transparent canopy or transparent façade with sustainable energy generation? Fully transparent solar panels are panels in which solar energy is generated invisibly between the two layers of glass. This pioneering technology allows solar energy to be applied in an invisible way in any glass surface.


Applications of translucent solar panels

A transparent solar panel can be used in many more places than as a window in the roof or façade of a building. For example, a terrace canopy can be fitted with translucent solar panels without detracting from the appearance of a bright and spacious terrace. The same can be achieved with a veranda and a carport. Even an entire greenhouse can be fitted with transparent solar panels, combining the advantages of a glass roof and solar panels over a large area.


Advantages of transparent solar panels

A glass roof or skylights give the interior of a building a bright, spacious look. Large areas of glass let sunlight into the building, reducing the need for artificial lighting. In addition, the sun warms the building. In autumn, winter and spring, this is fine. In summer, this is not desirable, when the sunlight can be too bright and glass panes generate too much heat. A transparent solar panel combines the advantages of a window and a solar panel. Light is converted into energy, reducing the energy required to heat the building, while maintaining the light and spacious look of a window.


Costs of transparent solar modules

With transparent solar panels, the price depends on the final product. A transparent solar panel on a canopy or veranda is much simpler and therefore cheaper than a triple-insulated window panel in a skylight. If you want to buy transparent solar panels, discuss the desired result with us so that a suitable solution can be found. The price of a transparent solar panel applied as a window or canopy is higher than a standard solar panel. For an accurate price comparison, you need to compare this with the price of a standard solar panel and a window/glass panel.


The power of translucent PV panels

A translucent solar panel has a lower output than a standard panel. The yield and efficiency depend on the location and orientation of the panel. The great advantage of our fully transparent solar panels is that they work very well in a lot of diffuse light and are therefore excellent for installation in façades.


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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do transparent solar panels work?

In a transparent solar panel, the invisible solar cells are enclosed between two layers of glass, making the panel completely transparent and translucent.

What are the advantages of transparent solar panels?

A transparent solar panel combines the advantages of glass with that of a solar panel. The glass gives a spatial, light appearance to a building, greenhouse or canopy. At the same time, the solar panel provides energy. In summer, a transparent panel limits the partial heating of a building and the amount of solar radiation coming in.