Greenhouse Solar Panels

Hermans Technisolar is transforming greenhouse horticulture globally. Our new solar panels are adaptable to any roof or existing greenhouse, providing a self-sufficient energy solution, tailored for horticultural needs.

Seamlessly replacing traditional glass panels, our fully customisable solar panels offer a sustainable and energy-efficient alternative. Accompanied by our advanced battery systems, we optimise energy consumption and drive the transition towards renewable energy.

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Tailored solar solutions for every greenhouse

Our cutting-edge solar panels redefine eco-friendly energy solutions for greenhouses, designed to replace traditional glass panels while maintaining high standards of quality and functionality. Paired seamlessly with our Technipower energy storage products, this combination not only harnesses clean energy but also enhances overall efficiency in energy utilisation. This ensures a reliable power supply, allowing farmers to optimise energy consumption and maintain operations even during periods of low sunlight.

Pioneering greener futures

Technipower, a dynamic branch of Hermans Technisolar, is revolutionising greenhouse energy with its versatile energy storage solutions. Technipower’s high-performance batteries efficiently store solar-generated energy, ensuring optimal power usage and efficiency. As the latest addition to the Hermans brand, Technipower epitomises cutting-edge energy solutions, reaffirming Hermans’ leadership in sustainable technology.