Major towns and cities that are developing their infrastructure are specifying sustainable products on new projects to positively contribute to the community.

Existing developments undergoing refurbishment and modernisation are also looking for sustainable solutions to enhance and future-proof their investments. Hermans Technisolar has been involved in numerous projects helping to improve energy efficiency.

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We spend more time at home than ever before. With its dual function as a workplace and residence, maximising solar energy has never been so important.

Architects, developers and owners are exploring ways to reduce overall running costs and fossil fuels to heat and power households. Our products provide maximum energy consumption for your development.

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Educational facilities are now some of the most advanced buildings in our communities.

They are carefully considered and designed to inspire the next generation, provide the very best space to teach and learn and positively contribute to well-being. Sustainability is a high agenda item for the younger generation who want to make an impact. Our products complement and support this important movement.


Hermans Technisolar has been specified in many industrial sector applications.

With a clear directive towards sustainable manufacturing, companies are seeking ways to not only improve their business practices to meet sustainability objectives, but also by improving the performance of their building and reducing the overall running costs of the asset during its lifetime.


Hermans Technisolar provide innovative solutions for the infrastructure sector through solar solutions.

Our products can be installed on building roofs or exterior walls, supplying electricity for the structure. Hermans Technisolar is a reliable choice for integrating solar solutions into various infrastructure applications.


Argiculture has always been one of the most advanced sectors when it comes to looking for new technologies that can stabilise conditions and guarantee repeatability to maximise the harvest.

Hermans Technisolar is recognised as a leading provider of products that can naturally contribute to heating, lighting and energy of greenhouses and hydroponic farming applications.