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Our Solar range of bespoke (any size, shape, colour, or application) and standard solutions is designed according to strong architectural values, achieving unrivalled sustainable energy generation.

This enables us to provide the global construction industry with sustainable energy-generating technologies that improve environmental performance while enhancing project aesthetics.

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Hermans Technisolar is the official agent of Technipower, supplying its energy storage products. Designed to meet the needs of domestic and commercial use, Technipower enables optimal efficiency in power storage and use.

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    Solar panels for businesses

    As a private individual, you can, of course, install PV panels on your own home. Using solar panels for business is also an attractive option. As a small, medium-sized or large company, you will soon be consuming a lot more power and energy than you have been, an increase that will come to represent a significant part of your running costs. Moreover, the consumption and generation of energy is under a magnifying glass these days, and PV can help you and your business to tackle this sustainably.


    What kind of solar panels can I choose from?

    While some buildings have a pitched roof that catches a lot of sunlight during the day, the situation can often be different. If there is little roof area available, for example, in high-rise buildings, or if the roof is used for other installations or facilities, vertical PV panels can be fitted to the façade of the building. These can be standard sizes, or customised to fit between windows and other elements of the façade.


    The different sizes of PV panels

    Rectangular or square, solar panels come in many different sizes. Smaller units can fit between other rooftop or wall-mounted facilities, while larger panels are perfect for field setups. There is A PV panel suitable for every building and construction.


    Applications solar panels and installations

    If roofing needs replacing, you should install PV panels to optimise cost and investment. You can create a whole field of PV panels on a piece of land where building is not possible or permitted. The latest generation of PV panels makes possible many more potential installations than was previously achievable.


    Efficiency and payback period

    Sustainability and clean generation of energy is increasingly important. With sustainability comes efficiency. You want an efficient installation that pays for itself with an appropriate output for the building and the business.

    The efficiency of PV panels depends on placement, orientation, size, take-up of the generated power and, of course, the weather. The return is therefore different for each installation and cannot be predicted exactly. On average, the payback time of standard solar panels is 6 years. With the knowledge that an installation can easily last 25 years, it’s easy to see that PV panels pay for themselves and even yield a considerable return.


    Request a quote or more information on solar panels?

    PV panels can be a valuable addition to any building or construction, that much is clear. Even with standard panels, every installation is unique, as they are different for each building. Domestic or commercial, if you would like more information on how you can make best use of PV panels or would like an immediate quotation, please contact us.


    FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of solar panels are there?

    There are many types of panels available, from standard to walkable panels and even panels that are part of the roofing or facade. There are also panels in different colours and with different types of mounting options.

    What solar panel sizes are there?

    Rectangular or just square, large panels for large fields or small panels for more complex roofs or facades, PV panels are available in different sizes, from standard sizes to customised to make best use of the available space.