Coloured solar panels

Most coloured solar panels are blue or black. However, it is also possible to produce solar panels in any colour or print. Think red, green or white, for example, or panels with a woodgrain print. Using a coloured solar panel, often fits better with the aesthetics of the building and its surroundings.

Coloured solar panels for businesses

Solar panels are often clearly visible when installed. From the side of a building, you can then clearly see the black or blue panels.

Because roofs are rarely blue in colour, they stand out even more. Black panels are already less obvious. For a monument, for example, a permit must be applied for to install solar panels, and it is important that they co-ordinate with the building.

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The applications of the different colours of solar panels

With current production techniques, it is possible to provide solar panels in colours to match any building. If the building has red bricks or roof tiles, choose red solar panels or solar panels with a brick print. If you want to install solar panels on a meadow or other green area, choose green panels.

Why buy coloured solar panels?

Blue panels rarely match the building, making a black panel already more attractive, although this has the disadvantage that a black panel absorbs a lot of heat, resulting in lower efficiency. Most solar panels have crystalline solar cells. These are made of silicon, which is commonly found in sand. There are two types used: polycrystalline and monocrystalline. In polycrystalline solar cells, the silicon is heated and then cooled, creating the crystals, giving it a random appearance. Further processing of these cells often reveals white dots in the panel. Monocrystalline cells are cooled in a controlled manner, creating the crystals in an orderly fashion and giving the panel a tighter and neater appearance. The cells can then be coloured, or the glass panel can be coated to give a particular colour.

Yield and efficiency of different coloured solar panels

Colouring the solar cells or printing the glass comes at the expense of efficiency. A blue solar panel will theoretically achieve the highest efficiency, as it will not heat up as much as a black solar panel. A printed panel will be 10% to 30% lower in its efficiency, depending on the production process.

Price of different coloured PV panels

The price of coloured solar panels is considerably higher than that of standard solar panels, but then they are fully customised and assembled to your requirements.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What are the different colours of solar modules?

Solar modules are available in all possible RAL colours and design prints. Using a coloured solar panel, often fits better with the aesthetics of the building and its surroundings.

What colour solar panel has the highest yield?

In theory, a blue standard solar panel has the highest efficiency. A black solar panel also has a high level of efficiency, which decreases when the panel heats up. Coloured and transparent panels, depending on the colour, number of cells and production process, have an efficiency level that is around 10% to 30% lower