Solar panels for greenhouses

Thanks to our wide range of solar panels they can be applied any building, even greenhouses.

Greenhouse Benefits

The government encourages the installation of solar panels on greenhouses because it allows for a smart use of space and the electricity grid.

Since greenhouses consume a lot of energy, investing in solar panels in horticulture is an attractive choice. What are the benefits of such an investment and what should you consider when purchasing solar panels for your greenhouses?

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Providing greenhouses with sustainable solar energy using solar panels

To optimize space utilization, the government also encourages the installation of solar panels on roofs of buildings, industrial sites, and greenhouses. This generates sustainable energy that can be used directly without occupying additional space. This also contributes to the goal of Dutch horticulture to be climate-neutral by 2040.

Solar panels on old greenhouses vs. new greenhouses

Solar panels can be installed on both existing and new greenhouses. However, integrating them into existing greenhouse roof systems comes with more challenges, as the panels often don’t fit well into the existing rafters, increasing the risk of damage. This necessitates additional brackets to be mounted on the roof panels, resulting in extra stress on the greenhouse structure. You can also opt for a new solar panel greenhouse roof system. In this case, a greenhouse with solar panels integrated is constructed. This minimizes damage and ensures a longer lifespan for the solar panels.

What to consider when buying solar panels in horticulture

When purchasing solar panels for a greenhouse roof, it’s essential to first check the available subsidies, making the investment more advantageous. For example, there’s the SDE++ subsidy for roofs with more than 50 solar panels. The Net Metering scheme is for entrepreneurs without a large-consumption connection, allowing you to sell surplus electricity back to the supplier and significantly reduce your electricity costs. Additionally, you can receive subsidies through the Postcode Roos scheme if you’re involved in solar or wind projects. It’s also important to contact the grid operator to assess if there’s sufficient grid capacity for the additional generated power. This way, you’ll be aware of the costs of upgrading the grid connection. Solar panels impose additional stress on your greenhouse structure, so you should always consider the most favorable construction.

Request a quote or more information about solar panels in horticulture

At Hermans Technisolar, we offer transparent solar panels in the form of Q Glass, a fully transparent model based on quantum dot technology. It protects against harmful UV and IR radiation while generating solar energy. Additionally, we offer many other high-quality products ideal for use on greenhouse roofs. Want to learn more? Ask us for more information or request a quote to explore the possibilities.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Which solar panels can be installed on greenhouses?

Various types of solar panels can be installed on a greenhouse roof, but transparent panels, like our Q Glass, are the best because they allow more light to pass through.

How are solar panels integrated into the greenhouse roof?

Integrated solar panels are installed directly into the roof, serving as roofing material and not being placed separately on the roof.