2023 at Hermans: Building a sustainable future

It has been a year of success and progress for the team at Hermans Energy Solutions. We have expanded our business by adding a new division, continued to innovate an develop our portfolio of sustainable products, and participated in numerous events, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships across sectors.

2023 saw us introduce the newest member of the Hermans family: Hermans Technipower.

Hermans Technipower provide energy storage solutions for residential and commercial needs. Their solutions allow for optimal use of off-peak tariffs, maximise self-generated energy consumption, balance power supply from the grid for commercial uses and offer resilience during outages. Benefits include cost savings and increased efficiency. Hermans Technisolar and Hermans Technipower work together in perfect unison to generate and store solar energy.

In 2023 we completed our first battery installation, we look forward to continuing in 2024.

When green went greener: Hermans Technisolar introduced a specific solar product for the Horticultural sector this year.

Hermans Technisolar launched a solar product for glasshouses. The solar panel modules can fit on any roof and existing greenhouse, enabling independent energy generation. Additionally, Hermans Technipower provides high-performance batteries to store the energy generated from the solar panels.

2023 has been a fantastic year for us, and we look forward to 2024. We want to thank all our trusted partners and valued customers.