Customised solar panels

Custom solar panels are available in many sizes. Often, a roof area is filled as best as possible with a number of panels, leaving pieces of roof area around the panels.

Custom solar panels for businesses

To achieve optimum efficiency and yield for a business, where energy demand is high and available space is limited, it is important to install the solar panels as efficiently as possible.

The solar panel installation must match the consumption and the building. Through customisation, where panels can be supplied in any shape and size, solar panels can be fitted into all building projects. This allows architects and contractors to design the building for the (end) user and optimally incorporate solar panels into it.

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Applications of custom-made panels

Customised solar panels can be made to completely fill the available roof area. Examples include triangular panels for a sloping roofline, a custom size for around a window or penetration and panels that fit precisely between two obstacles. Panels in a custom size can also be placed symmetrically and aligned, making the whole look sleek and neat.

Why choose custom solar panels?

Not only for on a roof surface or on a façade, a custom solar panel is the optimal solution. There are plenty of other surfaces that initially seem unsuitable for generating energy, where customisation actually makes it possible to use those surfaces. Bicycle sheds, storage areas, shelters and charging stations for cars and bicycles have a smaller roof area with a limited size and specific shape. Having custom-made solar panels will ensure a good return on investment here too.

Request a quote or more information on customised solar panels?

Customised solar panels are a step beyond standard panels and require an expert party to help design an installation. Would you like to know more about our solar panels, our Powerglaz solar panels in glass, our Pixasolar panels, which are available in any colour, or request a customised quote straightaway? Then get in touch with us.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of customised solar panels?

With customised solar panels, the entire available surface area, be it a roof, façade or canopy, is utilised to the full. Custom shapes for sloping roof lines, tailored to be placed along skylights and other objects to achieve the best efficiency. A customised panel can also be used to create an even, symmetrical distribution across the roof surface, in line with the design of the building.

What are the applications of customised solar panels?

Besides a roof surface or façade, solar panels can also be placed on a bicycle shed, storage room, canopy or on a car and/or bicycle charging station, with customised solar panels making the best use of the limited and often different shapes of these surfaces.