Off grid system

With an off grid solar panel system, you can be fully powered by renewable energy. All energy for heating, cooling, hot water, cooking and appliances is generated by solar panels and possibly stored in a battery or power bank, so you have power even when the sun is not shining.

Off grid solar panels for companies

Business off grid systems

By no means all buildings, businesses and structures are connected to the electricity grid. Shipping, (drilling, oil and gas) platforms in the sea, research centres in nature reserves or mobile businesses in a bus, camper van or shipping container building do not always have access to a fixed connection. With an off grid system, it is no longer necessary to use fossil fueled generators. An off-the-grid solar panel set combined with batteries and inverters provides a highly efficient source of renewable power.

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Application off grid solar panel system

Houses are regularly built behind existing houses, where it is labour-intensive and sometimes almost impossible to bring all house connections to the new house. In addition, the current electricity grid cannot be extended indefinitely. Off grid home systems solve this, making the location of a house or other building independent of connections.

Different types of sets of off grid solar panels

There are different types of off grid energy systems, which can be broadly divided into portable or mobile sets and sets that are connected to a fixed building.

Portable solar systems

Portable solar generators can be taken with you in your motorhome, caravan or tent when you go camping, on a multi-day fishing adventure or to the beach. Likewise, a portable solar kit can go with you on your boat, providing you with renewable power wherever you sail or anchor. A portable off grid solar kit consists of lightweight, sometimes foldable, solar panels and a portable inverter with power bank to which you can connect appliances and lights.

Off-grid home systems

An off grid solar panel kit can also be mounted on a fixed building. Weight, size and portability are then not important, allowing larger panels, efficient inverters and heavier batteries with fixed cabling to be used. This ensures higher yields and peak power.

Complete off-the grid solar panel set

If you want to buy an off grid solar panel set, first look carefully at the desired use. The required peak load, for example, an oven, sound system or other large appliance, together with the total usage, will determine the specifications of the panels and batteries. Then look to what extent this needs to be mobile and portable. For example, you can put fixed panels on a caravan, where the power bank does need to be portable and can be taken on a day trip. With an off grid solar panel set for a house, the investment is around double that of just the panels. A mobile set is available on request.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How does an off grid system work?

An off grid solar panel system is equipped with a battery or power bank. When more power is generated than used, the battery is charged. If the sun does not shine, but you do use power, you discharge the battery.

What off grid solar panel systems are there?

Off grid solar panels can be mounted on a fixed building, on a mobile home such as a motorhome or caravan, or supplied fully portable. The solar panel may be foldable and the power bank portable, so you can take the whole set with you in a bag, on a bicycle or on a boat.