Our Approach


Hermans Technisolar can work with architects, contractors or building owners to design and specify the most effective products for the application.

With a portfolio of sustainable products across the Group, Hermans Technisolar can effectively advise and guide customers to an optimum design to meet objectives.


Hermans Technisolar products are fully customisable to suit project requirements.

Our manufacturing facility feature the latest equipment for cutting, assembly and testing.


All products and systems are rigorously tested at each step of the manufacturing process to ensure each product is manufactured and assembled in accordance with our product guidelines. Before leaving our warehouse, we test the efficiency of each product to reduce disruption to site install and works programme.


Hermans Technisolar can offer full on-site installation of our systems and products. Our trusted team of installers ensure that every product is fitted correctly to perform as it should.


Once installed, all of products are rigorously checked and tested again before final commission.

This ensures that all products have been signed off in accordance to our product standards and working effectively, giving our customers peace of mind.

Service & Maintenance

Our dedicated after-sales service accommodates for regular contact with clients.

We provide expert maintenance and assistance to resolve any queries and questions.