Red solar panels

Red or terracotta roof tiles give a building a classic and neat look – until you put blue or black PV panels on it. That is why there are red solar panels available to match the colour of the roof or bricks.

Red solar panels for companies

Solar panels are far from being optional anymore. Energy-saving measures are expected from society and to adhere to regulations.

Then, in some municipalities, you have to apply for a permit to install solar panels. A permit for blue or black PV panels on a red roof is then often rejected, especially now that red panels are also available.

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Advantages of a red coloured modules

Roof tiles are generally not made in the primary colour red. Thus, an Italian atmosphere can be created with terracotta roof tiles or, on the contrary, more orange-red roof tiles can be chosen. This is not just an aesthetic consideration. A roof with black or anthracite tiles absorbs a lot of heat, causing the building to heat up considerably in summer. A roof tile that is too light quickly becomes dirty, which also does not create a pleasing impression. A red roof tile is a good compromise. Leaves, moss and other dirt are not so noticeable and the warming effect is limited.

Application of red coloured PV panels

The same advantages apply to red, orange and terracotta solar panels as to roof tiles. Besides the fact that PV panels in the colour of the roof are more pleasing and sometimes even mandatory, shades of red are a good compromise. A black panel has a high efficiency level until it heats up too much from the sun. On a light panel, you see dirt quickly. A red coloured solar panel looks neat, and despite weather, wind and rain, it proves highly efficient.

Yield and efficiency of terracotta solar panels

In theory, a blue crystalline PV panel has the highest efficiency. Blue and black are the default colours in the manufacturing process, other colours require an extra step, which reduces the efficiency slightly. Compared to a blue panel, a red coloured panel will have a lower yield, compared to a black panel, this depends in practice on the temperature. At high temperatures, yield and efficiency decrease, a black panel heats up more than a lighter-coloured panel.

Price of red coloured solar panels

Colouring a solar panel red is an extra step in the production process. Whether the solar cells are coloured red or a film that filters colours is applied, in both cases, the price of a red panel is 50% more expensive than a black panel, where a black panel is already 15% more expensive than a blue panel.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of red solar modules?

Solar panels in red match a red roof. Red solar panels and roof tiles heat up less than black panels and roof tiles, and dirt such as leaves and moss are less noticeable with a a shade of red.

What is the price of red solar panels?

With red solar panels, the price is 50% higher than a black panel, where a black panel is another 15% more expensive than a blue panel. With a red coloured roof, however, in some municipalities you will only get a permit for similarly coloured panels.