Integrated solar panels

Thanks to our wide range, integrate solar panels into any building. Apply standard solutions or fully customised solutions to all types of façades, roofs and windows.

Integrated solar modules for businesses

Building integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV), are completely concealed in the building envelope. Instead of individual solar panels fixed to the roof or façade with a frame, BIPV are part of the façade and roof. Without compromising the architecture, this is an aesthetically perfect solution.

Besides BIPV solar panels, the term in-roof solar panels is also used. An in-roof solar panel is concealed at the same height in the roof but does not need to be part of the roof structure and waterproof shell.

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Why choose integrated solar panels?

If you do not want to and/or cannot make any concessions to the appearance of the roof, do not want to install solar panels on top of the existing roof tiles or roof covering, the roof load is limited or the existing roof covering is due for replacement, choose in-roof solar panels. This preserves the aesthetics of the building and avoids unnecessary double roofing. BIPV can replace glass roofs, atriums, canopies and roof lights and are used as stand-alone roof structures of, for example, bicycle sheds and charging stations.

Price of BIPV solar panels

The investment of BIPV solar panels is higher than that of stand-alone panels. With BIPV panels, you install or replace windows, façades and/or roofs. The investment of a new roof finish, windows or (front) façades and installing loose solar panels is higher or equal to the price of BIPV. The same applies to in-roof solar panels, which are installed as part of the roof finish, so the price consists of roof finish and solar panels together.

Applications BIPV solar panel system

In a new roof construction or renovation, work solar panels into the roof. This can be done in standard roofing as well as in a glass roof, an atrium or in a canopy. Lightweight materials can be used here to stay within the load capacity of existing roofs.When replacing an existing façade, integrate solar panels or install a new façade. Create a unique design through customisation and simulate all kinds of textures such as wood or stone by colour printing the panels. Alternatively, conceal the BIPV panels as subtly as possible. Replace the glass in windows for glass with integrated solar cells. Up to triple-insulated glass with coating to simultaneously filter UV and IR radiation to reduce heating of the building and reduce discolouration of furniture. Charging stations for cars, bicycle sheds, bus shelters and other outdoor buildings and structures are often equipped with lighting and charging points for electric bicycles. These structures can also feature solar panels integrated into the roof or stand-alone solar panels as an addition to the architecture.

Request a quote or more information on integrated solar panels?

If you are interested in our products, such as our Powerglaz custom glass solar panels, the colour printed solar panels Pixasolar, our standard solar panels or Q Glass, our insulation glass with coating and integrated solar panels, please contact us for more information or request a quote directly.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What are integrated solar panels?

Integrated solar panels are concealed in parts of the building structure, such as the roofing, glass or cladding. The layer that converts sunlight into electricity is concealed in the construction in such a way that it does not detract from its function and while generating electricity.

How much do in-roof solar panels cost?

The price of in-roof solar panels depends on the size and type of roof. An in-roof solar panel is part of the roof finish. As a result, the investment in in-roof solar panels is often lower than the price of new roof finishing and separate solar panels.