Printed solar panels

Not only the roof, but also façades, balconies and other parts of your building are suitable for generating energy. With fully customised printed solar panels, not only can every surface be utilised, the panels also have a high aesthetic value.

Design solar panels with print made to measure

A tall building with apartments, offices or a combination of functions does not have nearly enough roof space to sustainably generate electricity with solar panels on the roof alone.

Fortunately, the façade surface also faces the sun and has plenty of free space. With customised solar panels and façade parts with a print, we deploy these façade parts for solar energy. Whether it is an apartment building or business premises being designed, by printing solar cells, the appearance of the façade still fits within the streetscape and the look of the building. At the same time, you make a unique design statement.

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Energy-generating façade cladding

It is theoretically possible to install solar panels with a frame on the façade. The solar panel should then just be fitted between the window and other objects on the façade. Solar panels with frames give a very disrupted image. Moreover, it is repetitive. By using the solar panel as a façade cladding, the façade and solar panel become one. With Pixasolar panels, any look can be created in combination with high-quality insulation and finishing.

Solar modules in all possible colours and prints

Printed solar panels come in full colour and high resolution or the print can consist of full colour dots. This option gives a higher output because only part of the solar panel is printed. Pixasolar printed solar panels can be designed to be completely invisible, making them suitable for use on listed buildings or buildings within a protected townscape, or alternatively, they can be used as a design element to make the building stand out positively in its surroundings.

Solar cells combined with advanced digital printing technology

Printed solar panels are made using a ceramic printer or based on full-colour screen printing. By printing the solar cells with inkjet printing technology, structures such as wood, marble and brick can be simulated. High resolution images or logos can also be displayed.

Various applications of printed solar panels

With printed solar panels, the solar panels are, effectively, the design. Thus, company logos, images or works of art can be displayed, a monumental appearance can be preserved by displaying a wood texture, marble or other type of stone on façades, atriums, balconies and walls of all types of buildings.

Yield and efficiency of printed solar panels

The efficiency depends on two things: solar panel design and location. A solar panel gives the highest efficiency when placed at the right angle in relation to the direction of the sun. Façades, being vertical, determines the orientation of the panels. Depending on the colours chosen, the efficiency is lower than for a blue or black solar panel. Despite this lower return, the payback period remains within the economic lifetime of the building, which also makes printed solar panels a strong investment.

Request a quote or more information on printed solar panels?

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What are printed solar panels?

Printed solar panels are sheets onto which solar cells are printed using ceramic inkjet printers. This gives almost unlimited flexibility for creating solar panels, where any size, shape and colour is possible, with a high-quality finish.

What are printed solar panels used for?

Printed solar panels are suitable as a design statement for business buildings with logos and images, works of art, or just to minimise the appearance of solar panels on monuments or buildings adjacent to nature reserves