Walkable solar panels

Installing solar panels to the roof of a building is a good investment, but there is so much more that is possible, even if it does not seem feasible at first.

Walkable solar panels for businesses

The flat roof of a building and the deck of a ship: two examples of surfaces that are very suitable for the application of solar panels, but which must remain accessible.

Now, of course, it is possible to keep a walkway or walkable area clear, but this may restrict the number of ‘conventional’ PV panels that can be installed, giving a lower yield, especially if a large part of the surface has to be walkable. A workable solution is to apply walkable solar panels. This way, you make optimal energy-generating use of the space, without limiting the function of the roof or deck.

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Advantages and types of walkable solar modules

Walkable solar panels come in several types and specifications. They can be bendable, also called semi-flexible, which means it will not break or crack when you walk over it. High-quality glass-on-glass solar panels are also available as walkable PV panels. The panel consists of several layers of glass with layers of film between the glass. A semi-flexible panel can be fitted with an anti-slip layer. With a glass-on-glass solar panel, the top layer is always a sheet of glass, making it very slippery when damp or wet.

Applications of panels you can stand and walk on

If you want to make optimal use of the available surface area without compromising accessibility, select a solar panel that is walkable. Ships, and sailing boats in particular, usually have decks with limited surface areas which must be fully walkable. On these decks, you want the highest possible yield. This is precisely when a walkable solar panel combines the advantages of a solid surface and the generation of sustainable energy.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are walkable solar panels?

A walkable solar panel is one that does not break or crack under the load of a person. The panel can be semi-flexible, or bendable, where it bends a few centimetres under load and is coated with a non-slip layer, or, alternatively, it can be composed of several layers of glass so that it does not bend, crack or break while still capable of being walkable.

Why buy walkable solar panels?

When you have a limited roof area, where most or all of the surface has to be accessible and you still want to generate sustainable power with PV panels or, for example, on a ship’s deck or the deck of a sailboat, where space is even more limited and solar panels actually add value.