Road of the Future, Oss, Netherlands

Project: Road of the Future
Location: Netherlands

The Road of the Future is the most sustainable and innovative road infrastructure that has ever been constructed in the Netherlands and is powered by eight solar trees. The solar trees are placed strategically along the six-kilometre-long section of the road, extended from 2×1 to 2×2 lanes. Hermans Technisolar was asked to provide the solar panels to make the Road of the Future project possible.

We supplied solar panels consisting of two layers of tempered glass, with a diameter of 2.2 metres. The solar panels were attached to a steel ring with clamps and, together, they form semi-transparent foliage at the top of the tree.

The solar panels in the trees enable the road to meet its own energy needs and supply 100 MWh to the City of Oss every year. The road, including the solar trees, is completely CO2 neutral.