We are revolutionising greenhouse horticulture with our new solar panels and battery systems

We are a renowned company known for our expertise in providing pre-insulated pipes, buffer vessels, and heat exchangers for the horticultural sector and have now expanded our offerings to include solar panels specifically designed for greenhouses and façades.

The specially developed solar panels by Hermans Technisolar can directly replace traditional glass panels used in greenhouses, providing a seamless transition. These solar panels are meticulously tailored to the specific requirements of each greenhouse, accommodating different panel sizes and configurations without any issues.

Rik van Ogtrop, the Director of Hermans Technisolar, explains that the company has previously supplied semi-transparent solar panels for applications like atria, school facades, business premises, and off-grid installations. Recognizing the benefits of these panels for greenhouse construction, the company has designed panels with special frames that easily integrate into existing greenhouse structures. The panels can be customized in terms of size, cell layout, colour, and frame to meet individual preferences. Hermans Technisolar, backed by over three decades of experience in the industry, ensures that the panel capacities and warranty conditions align with market standards.

Furthermore, we now offer batteries through our new division, Hermans Technipower, to complement the energy generated by the solar panels and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems. The supplied battery includes smart control features that determine whether to supply energy back to the grid, store it for future use, or consume it on-site. This intelligent management of energy consumption optimizes cost savings by leveraging flexible electricity prices, self-generated energy, and energy stored in the battery.

Rik emphasizes the significance of this energy management approach, highlighting its immense benefits for greenhouse horticulture entrepreneurs and private individuals alike. Beyond the substantial financial advantages, this development plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainability and facilitating the ongoing transition towards renewable energy. We have aligned its entire product range with this vision, aiming to make a meaningful contribution to the sustainability movement.

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