Iberdeli, Ridderkerk, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Project: Iberdeli
Location: Ridderkerk, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

For the company Iberdeli, importer of luxury meats, located in Ridderkerk, just south of Rotterdam. The challenge was clear: reducing operational costs and adhering to high sustainability standards, without compromising on safety.

Hermans Technisolar supplied and installed 330 high-quality solar panels, supplemented with two advanced inverters to ensure optimal energy yield. It was important that we carried out this process carefully according to the guidelines of Scope 12 and VCA* guidelines, which ensured not only sustainability but also safety.

The results speak for themselves. The Scope 12 inspection confirmed our compliance with the highest sustainability standards, while the VCA* certification underlined the safety of our installation. More importantly, the company is now experiencing significantly lower operating costs thanks to the shift to renewable energy generation.

The impact of this project goes beyond cost savings. It is tangible proof of how sustainable energy not only benefits the environment, but also makes business processes more efficient.